Jeremy Hunt has confronted Boris Johnson over his claim insisting of the scope of a no-deal; Brexit is “a million-to-one against”, contending it “flies in the face of reality”.

The foreign secretary charged his Tory leadership opponent of getting “ some important facts wrong” over the departure of the UK from the EU and invited him to be “straight with people”. 

The condemnation emerges as he requests to escalate pressure in the favorite to go lead-to-lead in a broadcast debate.

Meanwhile, Mr. Johnson has said it would be “folly” to regulate suspending parliament to force through a no deal in resistance of MPs.

The contestant said the controversial move, which is known as discontinuing – should remain as “ an essential tool of our negotiation”.

The men, who are due to haunt another party meeting in Exeter on Friday, are combating for the polls of Conservative members in the leadership contest to replace the UK Prime Minister Theresa May and become the next Prime Minister.

They have both said they would attempt to renegotiate an agreement with the EU. Mr. Johnson persists in the UK must leave the EU on 31st October “so or die”, contending any additional suspension of Brexit would “end up eroding trust in politics ”.

Mr. Hunt has claimed he would leave without an agreement in October if there was no lookout of the prospect of leaving with one but has not ruled out an additional delay.

Gripping on the comments of Mr Johnson that the scope of a no-deal departure was “ a million-to-one against” , Mr Hunt wrote in a letter to his rival: “those odds are extremely different from those provided by those  in the business of actually assessing the odds, so I am concerned that this presentation files in the face to the reality”.

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