Two Tory leadership opponents Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson are chuckleheads over how the UK should leave the EU. Both competitors for the would-be Prime Minister claim they can bring the Brexit deal in the negotiation table that the EU claims is concluded.

Mr. Johnson said the UK must leave on 31st October “deal or no deal” but Mr. Hunt called this a “ fake deadline” that could prompt a general election if Parliament declines a no-deal Brexit.

Mr. Hunt claimed he would leave the EU without an agreement, but not of there was a “ prospect of a better deal”.

But former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, who is supporting Mr. Johnson, said Mr. Hunt has presented “weakness” and “naivety” by entertaining the probability of another addition.

He said in an interview, “ the minute you start flirting with an extension, you undermine your negotiating leverage”.

He said it would be the choice of the EU  to experience the separation of UK without an agreement, including “ there is nothing stopping us getting a deal by October if there is the political will.”

He included that any motion passed by MPs requiring the new Prime minister for extending Brexit discussions would have “zero legal effect”. He forecasted “vanishingly few ” Tory MPs would vote to elect a government following a no deal exit in polling of no confidence.

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