Jeremy Corbyn has been condemned by several of his MPs for his leadership on anti-Semitism and Brexit during a “heated” meeting in the Parliament. Marie Rimmer told the people “ who have worked with you for ages” were turning away while Jess Phillips said those “in the cult of Corbyn” were safeguarded.

Veteran MP Margaret Hodge condemned the choice of Lisa Forbes as by-election candidate of Labour’s Peterborough. Ms. Forbes apologized to MPs for liking a post on social media. The new MP, who won the by-election by 683 votes, caused disputation during the campaign while she presented to endorse a post on social media on Facebook which said UK Prime Minister had a “ Zionist slave masters agenda”.

Jewish Labour Group have called for Ms. Forbes, who will take her seat in the parliament on Monday, for having the whip suspended. Addressing the legislative party for the first time since the disappointing performance of the Labour in last month European elections, Mr. Corbyn gave thanks to those MPs who have contribution to the successful campaign in Peterborough.

But he confronted condemnation over the message which Ms. Forbes victory sent about the commitment of the parties commitment for the eradication of anti-Semitism from its ranks. Mrs. Hodge said she could “not tolerate” anti-Semitism of any kind within the parliamentary Labour Party while Ruth Smeeth charged Mr. Corbyn of “ allowing institutional anti-Jewish racism on your watch”. The party is recently being probed by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission over the claims it differentiated against Jewish members.

Labour has recommended Ms. Forbes made a  “genuine mistake” as he liked a video expressing concord with the victims of terror attacks in March on mosques in Christchurch, “without reading without reading the accompanying text, which Facebook users know is an easy thing to do”.

Mr. Corbyn also centered with agitation over Brexit with Peter Kyle, a strong supporter of another referendum, questioning whether the Labour leader had any plan for getting the country and party out of the Brexit.

And Meg Hillier said the leadership was unfair to dethrone Emily Thornberry from her traditional role deputizing for Mr. Corbyn at last week’s questions of the Prime Minister. Ms. Thornberry was restored by Rebecca Long-Bailey after she said a third place in the Euro elections boosted the case for another referendum – a consequence that Mr. Corbyn resumes to distance himself from and has said is “some way off”.

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