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The government of UK is evaluating “all options”, adding a regulator, as a dominant part of the new regulator administering the internet. It has previously declared about the publishing of White Paper in the coming months pointing out the proposals.

As per the Buzzfeed News, the White Paper will offer a regulatory management like Ofcom which controls the telecom companies and broadcasters. The government told BBC it would publish the white paper this winter.

But the representative for the Department of Media, Culture and digital and Sport (DCMS) stated that it had nothing to measure at this time.

A multi-party committee is inspecting the false information and baseless news has recommended areas for new parliamentarian ahead of the White Paper.

In July, it suggested:

  • Refining the electoral rules for the digital presence  – such as strict rules about the online political advertising.
  • Inclusion in the social networks under taxation for providing digital literacy programmes in schools.
  • More clarity around online advertising.

Hence, Buzzfeed News informed the proposal of the government can be changed further. It said it had observed details on the White Paper which includes:

  • Compelling websites to remove any kind of hate speech within a deadline or penalty period. A same kind of law is forced in Germany.
  • Making compulsory to verify the age of the users of social sites.
  • Restricting social media networks which failed to move out the controversial contents.
  • Regulating the online advertisements for food or cold drinks which contain high quantity sugar or salt.

A representative for the DCMS claimed the report was only theory based description without any direct evidence.

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