Cases related to measles are rising in Europe and the diseases are flowing in four nations previously considered to have removed it, including the United Kingdom, warned the WHO (World Health Organization), urging nations to step-up efforts to vaccination. 

The Head of the WHO’s European Regional Verification Commission for Measles and Rubella Elimination, Gunter Pfaff has warned “Re-establishment of measles transmission is concerning. If high immunisation coverage is not achieved and sustained in every community, both children and adults will suffer unnecessarily and some will tragically die.”

The WHO has reported that there were 89994 cases-related to measles in 48 European nations in the first six months of this year, over double the number was in the same period in 2018, when there were recorded 44175 cases, and around 84462 cases were reported last year. 

Based on the 2018 data, the disease is no longer examined abolished in Greece, the United Kingdom, Albania, and the Czech Republic. 

Measles is considered terminated when there is no endemic disease transmission for 12 months or more in a specific geographic region. 

While measles is highly communicable, which can be totally prevented through a two-dose vaccine, but the WHO has in recent times sounded the alert over vaccination rates. 

Britain has recorded 953 cases in 2018 and 489 for the first half of 2019. While Greece has reported 2193 and 28 cases, the Czech Republic 217 and 569 cases, and Albania 1466 and 475 cases. 

WHO’s Immunization Department Director Kate O’Brien has said, “Each of these countries are examples that have extremely high national vaccination coverage. So these are not examples of countries that have particularly weak systems.”

She continued that “this is the alarm bell that is ringing around the world: being able to achieve high national coverage is not enough, it has to be achieved in every community, and every family for every child.”

Meanwhile, Switzerland and Australia were confirmed to have abolished status in 2018, said the WHO.

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