In a reverberating tone, the British MPs rejected the Brexit deal for a second time on Tuesday, pushing the country into further unpredictability just 17 days before it is due to be separated from the European Union.

The House of Commons voted 391-242 against the divorce deal, even after Theresa May secured additional guarantees from Brussels over its most disputed elements.

The moves endangered releasing the financial chaos, as Britain is programmed to split the ties with its largest trade partner after 46  years on 29th March, no matter what.

Appearing before MPs in a  half-breaking tone due to cold, the UK Prime Minister took the vow to continue the fight, claiming she “ deeply” declined the result.

After the vote, the UK Prime Minister told the shutting chamber moments, “ the deal we’ve negotiated is the best and indeed the only deal”.

Ms. May pledged to permit the MPs to vote on a “ no deal” option and, that is declined as per expectation, to decide whether to question the EU to detain the Brexit deal.

She claimed parliament confronted “ unenviable choices”  if it voted for an extension, including rescinding Brexit, retaining a second poll or leaving with another deal.

However, eurosceptics believe the recent deal is so meaningless that is equal to enhance the risk factors of leaving with no plan.

The latest vote happened two years after, Britain scheduled its departure from the EU following an extremely discordant poll in 2016.

The leader of main opposition of the labor party, Jeremy Corbyn who was trying to drive snap elections, told UK Prime minister must confess now that the reforming strategy of her government had failed.

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