Fire broke out in Littlewoods Pools Building at Liverpool

Suddenly the fire broke out in Littlewoods Pools Building and destroyed a part of the building, which is one of the most famous landmarks of Liverpool.

It was feared that the upper floor and the roof is one wing of the “iconic” structure, which has been lost in the devastating fire on Sunday before 20:00 BST.

Merseyside Fire Service reports that there were no injuries and no concern over the integrity of the building. The firm is now under control and crews damped down at the art deco structure that remains empty since 2003. To ascertain and investigate the reason behind the fire, fire investigators are investing the case.

Just over 3months, ago plans were discussed for major new building on Edge Lane with a five-storied site, including TV studios and film studios as well. However, the parts of the building left for the studios were not affected by the sudden fire break down.

The deal was signed with developer Centric and Capital, which intended to create £50m Twickenham Studios in a northern base, with creating hundreds of jobs.

Fire broke out in Littlewoods Pools Building at Liverpool | Fire broke out in Littlewoods Pools Building at Liverpool |

Rescue and Fire Service said that 50 fire-fighters from three support pumps and six fire engines managed the fire at such height. It was reported that the crew has blown away the wooden panel, which was used to board up windows to access upper floors’ fire.

The group manager Gary Oakford reports that the crews were thinking to get access to the building’s inside on Monday morning. He continued that “the incident is under control now and we will be here for several more hours damping down and hot-spotting throughout the building.”

He ensures that the crews’ works with authorities of the local building to make sure that the structure and assessment of the building are correct, The Edge Lane’s Liverpool bound carriageway were re-opened by the Merseyside Police.

Fire broke out in Littlewoods Pools Building at Liverpool |

Adam Higgins, who is a co-founder of developers Centric and Capital, stated that the fire’s blaze has gone to west wing roof. It was famous for its unique Clock Tower.

He continued that “while there is damage to the floor and roof, the walls of the west wing and overall structure seem intact.”

“We’ll know more once we can get inside, but we’re extremely hopeful we’ll be able to save the iconic structure,” said Mr. Higgins.

“This is a setback, but we won’t let it hamper our ambitions for Littlewoods to be the home of Liverpool’s creative industries,” he added.

He also thanked five members of the rescue team to work throughout the night to save the structure as they could and said that “This city’s outpouring of goodwill for our restoration plans has floored us.”

Fire broke out in Littlewoods Pools Building at Liverpool |

Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool tweeted that “Absolutely heartbreaking news that the iconic Littlewoods Building is ablaze, looks pretty bad at this stage, let’s hope and pray it’s salvageable.”

The fire service reports that it was informed at 19:52 BST and reached the spot within four minutes. However, until then the blaze spreader all over and fire-fighters had to struggle a lot to save people and the structure from getting destroyed across the area, which measures 200m/100m.

Around 01:30 the fire was almost brought under control as crews managed to control the spread of the blaze beyond the one wing.

The building was Sir John Moores’s Littlewoods Empire’s part that included the weekly football pools coupons, which is played by millions and high street stores across the nation.

A number of re-designed plans were discussed for the site but seems too had fallen through.

Fire broke out in Littlewoods Pools Building at Liverpool | Fire broke out in Littlewoods Pools Building at Liverpool |

95-years Littlewood’s celebration is going on Monday’s evening, reports Malcolm Spargo, the party organizer.

The ex-catering boss described the incident as “dreadful news” and initiates the structure as firm’s “jewel in the crown”. He continued that Capital & Centric are similar to exhibit its planning for Twickenham Studio, during the evening at the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral event.

Fire broke out in Littlewoods Pools Building at Liverpool |

by Chandrani Sarkar on September 3, 2018

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