The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk told Theresa May that the Brexit plan of Jeremy Corbyn offers a “ promising way out”  of the current Brexit deadlock. It comes after the Labour leader set out his five demands for supporting the government in a letter to the Prime Minister, including instituting a customs union with the EU and array with the single market of the bloc. Mrs. May told she challenged Mr. Tusk over his “special place in hell” jibe as she held “ robust but constructive” discussions with EU leaders in Brussels. The UK Prime Minister told the European Council President, who strike out at “ those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan to carry it out safely”, that his comments were “ not helpful and caused widespread dismay” return home.

Mrs. May was in the Belgian capital to push for changes to her Brexit deal- especially changes to the Irish Standpoint.

Actually, it is an insurance policy sketched for avoiding the return of a hard border on the island of Ireland in the event a free cost deal on trade which is not signed between Britain and EU. The disputed measure, which is described by the opponents a crucial risk can weaken the constitutional unification of the UK, is observed as a major pecking block to the PM getting her Withdrawal Agreement through parliament in time for Brexit day on 29th March.

MPs have supported an invitation for the standpoint to be replaced with “alternative arrangements” for avoiding a hard border, but the EU has firmly declined to reopen the Withdrawal Agreement and bargain on the insurance policy. Following a two-day visit to  Northern Ireland sketched to encourage the voters and the politicians there, Mrs. May came back to Brussels for the discussions with Mr. Tusk and European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker.


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