Downing Street has denied the government is split over how to move forward with the Brexit process. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated that he will seek a snap general election if the EU decides to delay Brexit until January.

However, some ministers are likely to urge him to make another attempt to get his deal through Parliament first. French President Emmanuel Macon has expressed his concern that a long extension could lead to more UK indecisiveness or an inconclusive general election.

Katya Adler has stated that if France remains opposed to a three-month extension, there could be an emergency summit in Brussels on Monday so leaders reach agreement face-to-face. The Prime Minister’s Brexit deal was backed by the MPs but his idea to fast-track the legislation was not supported. 

The failure dramatically ended any realistic prospect of the UK leaving the bloc with a deal by the government’s 31 October deadline. The prime minister was forced by the parliament on Saturday to send a letter to Brussels urging a three-month extension.

Commons leader Jacob Rees-Mogg, highlighting the agenda said the government “does not want an extension” and is “making every preparation to leave on 31 October”. Laura Kuenssberg, the political editor of BBC, said it was unlikely the government would decide on either option before the EU responded to the extension request. 

Mr. Johnson after defeated on Tuesday on the timetable, Mr. Johnson said he will pause the progress of his Withdrawl Agreement Bill where he waited to hear from the EU. 

If the EU approves the UK’s request for a three-month extension, Mr. Johnson would have to accept it under legislation passed by MPs last month. On Wednesday, Northern Ireland Secretary Julian Smith told the Northern Ireland select committee: “What I want to do is listen to Northern Irish MPs, get a programme motion that is to the satisfaction of a majority of people in this House and resolve this situation.

“That is where I feel our responsibility lies, and we can work together to address many of these issues and ensure this bill is completed.

“I think the prime minister had a big success [on Tuesday], and I hope we can build on that in the coming days and weeks.”

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