The eldest son of US President Donald Trump reproached UK Prime Minister Theresa May over her delaying Brexit tactics, claiming she had needlessly extended the EU withdrawal of Britain by neglecting his father’s advice.

In a crunch opened in the Daily, Donald Trump Junior condemned the latest plan of the British premier to request a detain of Brexit, claiming it indicated “that democracy in the UK is all but dead ”.

Junior Trump stated, “ Mrs. May ignored advice from my father, and ultimately, a process that should have taken only a few short months has become a years-long stalemate, leaving the British people in limbo”.

He also added, “ Now, the clock has virtually run out and almost all is lost — exactly as the European elites were hoping.”

The comments come in the week after the US President spoke out on the Brexit deal, claiming Theresa May, “ didn’t listen” to his ideas on how to negotiate and that he was “surprised to see how bad it has all gone”.

Though the deadline of separation from the EU for Britain was on 29th March but is stuck in the division and never-ending political crisis about how to go about it.

The UK Prime Minister decided to delay for the departure of the country from EU at a summit started after MPs twice declined an unpopular separation deal she hit with the bloc in the last year.

She described, “ Since 2016, Prime Minister Theresa May has promised on more than 50 separate occasions that Britain would leave the EU on March 29, 2019”. He added, “ She needs to honor that promise.”

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