Derby Is Constant About Voting Leave: Brexit - TNBC UK


In the mid-week, more than 20,000 football fans have crowded to Pride Park, the home of Derby County football club. On the drizzly midnight, the Rams take on Wigan Athletic.

Besides football two towns have something else and that is both towns has been voted for leaving the European Union.

Derby is a small city with 250,000 population and is encircled by some titans of international industry, such as Rolls-Royce, Toyota, and the train manufacturer Bombardier, which cooperatively institute about the same number of the population who have packed into the football stadium.

These companies have been bounded to Europe closely and Brexit is never far away from the discussion.

This city was the manufacturing center of the country for 300 years and now emerges the way in aerospace and rail. presented

A few miles down the road is East Midlands Airport, which presented the biggest freight hub and distribution center outside of Heathrow Airport. As the casual observer, for the next two weeks, Derby is going to spend time attempting to understand what Brexit actually mean for this city and its residents.

In 2016, almost 60% of voters in Derby pitched on the leaving the European Union and there is very little evidence since then that Derby regrets on that decision.

According to the digital content editor of the Derby news agency, “ It was divisive. It continues to be divisive. But issues like funding for the NHS, council cuts, immigration and a feeling of regaining sovereignty are still very strong amongst our readers”.

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