The featured radio advertisement presented with voiceover in which they said, “a great deal on ripening -at-home avocados” but remarked, “be ready to eat for about 10 minutes, then they will go off”.

The striking offer told people to select “better deal” of an egg muffin and roll.

Two audiences complained that the ad, which was aired in June dispirited people from ordering the fresh fruits. The advertising surveillance approved the complaints and endorsed them. According to Costa, the advertisement played on the “frustration and unpredictability of the avocado”

The retail chain professed it was not recommending the audiences to select between the two breakfast options, it simply drew the attention of people about the promotional offers.

The enterprise which takes responsibility for broadcast, Radiocentre, assured that consumers would get the option and as a “light-hearted remark” about the experience of purchasing non-ripe avocados.

The Advertising Standards Authority informed that consumers would comprehend the ad as a comparison between the experience of eating egg muffin or bacon roll and an avocado.

The ASA said, “we considered that, although the ad was light-hearted, it nevertheless suggested avocados were a poor breakfast choice, and that a bacon roll or egg muffin would be a better alternative, and in doing so discouraged the selection of avocados.”

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