Cleverly Claims No Deal Better Than No Brexit - TNBC UK

Not addressing Brexit at all would be “ significantly more damaging”  than no agreement, Conservative leadership candidate James Cleverly has said. However, the Brexit minister included that leaving the EU without an agreement was “ not my preferred outcome”.

He also added, “ not my preferred outcome. I am Brexit tooth and claw, but we need to be pragmatic and sensible and leave with a deal”.

In the meantime another expected leadership, Home  Sajid Javid took a vow for recruiting 20,000 new police officers.

Mr. Javid claims “more police on the beat means less crime on our streets. Not exactly rocket science is it? ”

The contest for replacing UK Prime Minister has not officially started, but the list of expectations already setting out of their counter is developing by the day. A key dividing line appears to be in the midpoint between those who have designated they would ponder leaving the EU on 31st October, the recent deadline without an agreement, and those who feel that would be unbearable. The probability of no deal, he persisted it would bring “uncertainty” and difficulty, but would not be the disaster much concern.

While questioned about lack of experience Mr. Cleverly became an MP in 2015 and has been a minister for a few months – he said “two of our most successful prime ministers ” out of the last four had been those with “zero government experience”, citing to Tony Blair and David Cameron.

He also greeted a large number of MPs contending to become leader, insisting that while Mrs. May was selected she had been “ uncontested and untested” because rivals dropped out – and later turned out not to “fit well with the role of a prime minister”.

Mr. Cleverly was also questioned about the probability of becoming the first black Prime Minister.

He also said it was not compatible with his thinking, but was “very proud that the Conservative Party looks like it might have the first prime minister from a BME background”.

Earlier in an open letter, the MP for Braintree in Essex stated about the requirement for uniting the party, contending, “ we cannot bring the country back together unless the party of government is united, and the party cannot unite if it is led from its fringes”.

He also included, “ to inspire the British people we need to look different, sound different, and offer something new. I believe I can do that.”

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