Chief EU Negotiator Michel Barnier Claims “Irish Stronghold” is “Part and Parcel ” of Brexit Deal - TNBC UK

The Chief negotiator of EU, Michel Barnier claims that Irish backstop is “part and parcel” of the Brexit deal of UK and will not be the issue changed by the originally agreed terms. Addressing at the Parliament of Europe, Mr. Barnier told it was a “realistic solution” to prevent a hard border. Earlier in this month, British MPs voted against the controversial deal agreed by the EU and UK during the random negotiations of 18 months.

They voted for the UK Prime Minister along with an expectation of “alternative arrangements” to the stronghold. The UK is due to leave the European Union at 23:00 GMT on 29th March. The stronghold is an insurance policy for pausing the retrieve of checks on goods and people across the Northern Ireland border. As it maintains an upright position, the stronghold would potently keep the UK inside the customs union of EU, but with Northern Ireland also ensuring some rules of the single market.

It was one of the leading reasons for which, UK Prime Minister’s Brexit deal was voted down in Parliament by a historic edge earlier in January as critics say a different ranking for Northern Ireland could scare the existence of the UK and make frightful circumstances if the stronghold could become permanent.

According to the UK Prime Minister Ms. Theresa May the several probable replacements to the stronghold that she desired to discuss with the EU leaders. These include a “ faithful dealer” strategy to avoid the physical checking of goods trafficking through the border, “mutual recognition” of directives with the EU and “technological ” solutions.

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