On Thursday, Mark Carney came face to face for discussing the risk factor of a disorganized exit from the EU. According to a source of BBC, he pointed out the worst circumstances scenario which consequences a severe price fall in home construction project around 35% over three years.

The statements basically have inflamed the Brexiteers. There was also a gossip of reports which claims that the governor told in the Drowning Street meeting that innumerable homeowners could be the shift in negative equity, as well as the rates on the mortgage could be rolled depending on factors, the inflation of pound could fall also.

A source of daily Financial Times commented that the prediction of Mr Carney’s was “chilling ” and “grim”. The daily said the governor questioned the ministers without any rancour.

The notification of Thursday from Mr Carney is not the first warning about the disorganized Brexit could inflame the financial stock, it also represents some previous predictions of Banks.

The latest annual report of Banks based on UK financial system warned in November about 33% price fall on house in the worst circumstances scenario.

Mr Carney told BBC in August, “ the risk of a no-deal Brexit was uncomfortably high.”

The official representative of Prime Minister said in the Drowning Street meeting that the ministers continue the confidence level about the Brexit deal but also express the same opinion about to  ‘ramp up ’ their no-deal planning. The representative said, “ As a responsible government, we need to plan for every eventuality. The Cabinet agreed that no-deal remains an unlikely but possible scenario in six months time”.

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