A PhD student from Britain has been imprisoned for the life after being captured on the accusation of spying in the United Arab Emirates. A 31 years old academic of Durham University named Matthew Hedges refuses to accept the accusation of spying and said he was engaging in research while he got arrested in Dubai on 5th May.

A court in Abu Dhabi has announced him accused of “ spying for or on behalf of ” the UK government. UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he was “disappointed” by the adjudication. The wife of Hedges, Daniela Tejada who was appeared at the courtroom, said she was in “complete shock”.

According to her, “ Matthew is innocent. The Foreign Office know this and have made it clear to the UAE authorities that Matthew is not a spy for them. This whole case has been handled appallingly from the very beginning with no one taking Matthew’s case seriously.”

She expected that British government “ must take a stand now” and the authorities of UAE “ should feel ashamed for such obvious injustice”.

Mrs Tejada told her husband nodding his head while the adjudication was delivered. She also added, “I am very scared for Matt. I don’t know where they are taking him or what will happen now. Our nightmare has gotten even worse”. The Foreign Secretary of UK, Jeremy Hunt said he had intensified the case with the “highest levels of the UAE government” and the adjudication “is not what we expect from a friend and trusted partner of the United Kingdom and runs contrary to earlier assurances ”.

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