UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, a contender for replacing UK Prime Minister said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had designated the EU was interested to reapproach the Brexit deal.

Almost a dozen Conservative contending to succeed over Uk Prime Minister Theresa May after her resignation as party leader, he also claimed that Merkel was assured to change the agreement of UK Prime Minister, at the D-Day commemorations in this week.

She said in media, “ She said that of course with a new British prime minister we would want to look at any solutions you have”. She also added, “ I’m absolutely clear that if we take the right approach to this, the Europeans would be willing to negotiate on the package.”

UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt did not identify if he was citing to the legally-binding withdrawal which has been repeatedly insisted by EU or the assisting political announcement on the future relations.

Brussels has added the announcement could be rechecked if Britain makes a  practical change in its positions, for example on a customs union or accessibility to the single market.UK Prime Minister Theresa May acknowledged the package with the EU last year but saw it declined three times by the British legislators, pushing her to detain Brexit twice – the latest extension being to October 31st.

A disputed provision in the deal for the Irish border, known as the backstop had proved the key pitching block.

It would impede the coming back of border checks between the British province of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland if the sides disabled to agree on a free trade pact after the earliest transition period.

UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt claimed Merkle had indicated EU leaders may now be open to a technical solution to the ruling issue – something Brussels has previously ruled out as unrealistic.

He said as per their conversation, “she said to me Germany doesn’t have that border with the Republic of Ireland, you do… so you need to come up with the solution”.

She also added, “ so it’s going to be a solution that’s based around some technologies — what the Germans call intelligent border. I think that’s doable.”

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