British Academic Matthew Hedges Tortured in UAE jail - TNBC UK

Matthew Hedges of 31 years old pushed to stand “ all day” in ankle cuffs, experienced panic attacks and had depressing thoughts. Mr Hedges, who refuses to be a spy, informed BBC he only admitted to being a captain in MI16 for stopping the “torture”.

The UAE also told him for being a double agent in the Foreign Office of UK. Speaking to John Humphrys on the programme on Radio 4, Mr Hedges said being in a cell was “was lonely and isolating”.

He was provided with a “cocktail” of medication to treat his recession and tension and also underprivileged of natural light. He said, “I wasn’t allowed to do anything to distract myself. My mental health was deteriorating”. According to him, he had to visit the bathroom accompanied by the four guards.

Mr Hedges stated standing in ankle cuffs was “mentally exhausting”, but that adrenaline would boot in and help him tackle. Briefly, before his capture, he was due to have counselling to deal with anxiety and depression. He said, “I could not manage my thoughts throughout the incarceration”.

He confessed also said he usually had panic attacks and some nightmare of hanging himself in his cell. In the time of examinations, he said the psychological pressure was so hard.

“ I panicked and told them I was a captain in MI6 – I told them what they wanted to hear.” He also told of how he felt while he was sentenced to life prison.

He added, “It was a total shock – I wasn’t able to process it. I couldn’t say goodbye to Danni ”.

His wife said, “At the heart of it it’s about drawing red lines. I think the biggest issue is naturally the fact that there is no academic freedom in the UAE but also the fact that the red lines aren’t clearly drawn”.

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