On Sunday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson entered the warm embrace oh his Conservative party’s annual conference vowing to “get Brexit done”. Britain Supreme Court went through inflamed conditions as many protested Johnson’s attempt to take Britain out of the European Union next month, with or without a deal with Brussels. 

The conference took place in Manchester, northwest England where he told, “What we need to do is to move on. And the way to do that is to get Brexit done on October 31.”

His decision has put him at odds with many of his own MPs in the House of Commons, who passed a law blocking a “no-deal” exit, an outcome they fear would be hugely disruptive. 

But the tough talk resonates with the pro-Brexit party members who elected him in July, and who held up signs on the conference floor with the “Get Brexit Done” slogan.

Several ministers claimed on Sunday that only the Conservatives will deliver on the 2016 referendum vote to leave the EU. Michael Gove, the minister for Brexit preparations said that “While the difficulties caused by leaving without a deal will pass, the damage to our democracy in not getting Brexit done would endure and resound for much longer.”

But no one mentioned how Johnson will overcome his main obstacle, getting a divorce deal with the EU in the next few weeks, the only legal way to keep to the October 31 deadline.  

Johnson has joined only two months ago in office and already has suffered seven successive defeats in the Commons in the process of losing his majority. Taking an exceptional steep he expelled 21 Conservative MPs who opposed a no-deal Brexit. 

After Johnson announced the suspension of the parliament it was considered unlawful by the Supreme Court but Johnson challenged opposition parties to bring down his government. 

However, the British PM accused the MPs of “surrendering” to the EU. Senior minister Jacob Rees-Mogg later won a standing ovation when he told the conference, “Parliament is now holding the people in contempt.”

Boris Johnson’s move to suspend the parliament for five weeks in early September was canceled by the Supreme Court on Tuesday. Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the main opposition says he wants an election but will do nothing to bring it about until a “no-deal” Brexit is no longer possible. 

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