The British Prime Minister will request MPs to support his Brexit deal in a final bid to get the UK to leave the EU in nine day’s time. MPs will vote on the PM’s Withdrawl Agreement Bill and if they back they will be asked to approve a three-day timetable to consider the legislation. 

Opposition MPs have already protested the decision to reduce the scrutiny of the bill to three days. However, the MPs will begin a number of votes on Mr. Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement Bill that was published on Monday, at about 19:00 BST.

In Strasbourg, the European Parliament was told by European Council President Donald Tusk that he is consulting the 27 EU leaders on how to react to the UK’s request for a Brexit delay and “will decide in the coming days”.

“I have no doubt that we should treat the British request for extension in all seriousness,” he tweeted. Ministers stated that they are confident that they have the numbers to get the Withdrawl Agreement Bill approved, despite losing a crunch Commons vote on Saturday aimed at ruling out a no-deal Brexit.

Ministers believe that MPs are ready to back the prime minister include pro-Leave Labour rebels and former Tory MPs now sitting as independents who would rather leave with Mr. Johnson’s deal than no deal at all.

If the bill is supported by the MPs, they will then vote on the government’s “programme motion”, which sets out the timetable for the legislation’s passage through the Commons. On Monday, Leader of the Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg said: “People who do not vote for the programme motion will not be voting for Brexit on October 31.”

The European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill is a document comprising 110 pages that provides details exactly how Parliament is expected to put the deal that the prime minister agreed with his counterparts around the continent into UK law.

Ahead of the debate, Mr. Johnson said: “The public doesn’t want any more delays, neither do other European leaders and neither do I.

“Let’s get Brexit done on 31 October and move on,” he added.

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