Boris Johnson Monitors Over Scottish Sponsoring - TNBC UK

The leadership team of Boris Johnson has promised “ no change” to how Scottish government sponsoring is calculated if he becomes Prime minister.

Already Jeremy Hunt promised to “maintain” what is known as the Barnett formula. He challenged his rival to match his loyalty.

Mr Johnson has long condemned the formula.

At one point claimed it calculated to a multi-billion pound “present” from English taxpayers to Scotland.

Hunt supporter, John Lamont MP, greeted what he said appeared to be a “U-turn” by Boris Johnson.

The Barnett formula is used to share sponsors across the UK with assignments for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland involved to their populations and any changes in spending in regions such as education and health in England.

A former London mayor, Boris Johnson, has been a persistent critic. In 2014, he said the then Prime Minister, David Cameron, had made a “ slightly reckless promise” to hold it.

He had stated formerly the system as being of “ amazing political antiquity” and producing “ inequitable outcomes”.

The SNP were among those forecasting Boris Johnson to analysis sponsoring arrangements for the delegated governments if he became Prime Minister.

MSP Tom Arthur said: “ with the hard right-wing of the Tory party threatening to ax the Barnett Formula and slaughter Scotland’s public services it’s time to take our future into our own hands”.

But the campaign of Boris Johnson has hinted that the system will stay the same if he returns Theresa May in Number 10.

According to a campaign source, “ there’ll be no change to the Barnett Formula if Boris wins the leadership of the Conservative & Unionist Party and becomes Prime Minister”.

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