On Monday, Boris Johnson the new British Prime Minister urged EU leaders to drop their opposition to renegotiating Brexit, as the pound slumped on rising concerns about a no-deal departure. 

Mr. Johnson is eager to revise the exit terms struck by the former prime minister Theresa May. At the same time, he also insists that Britain must leave the European Union on the October 31 deadline, with or without a divorce deal.

During his first visit to Scotland as premier, Johnson told the media persons, “The withdrawal agreement is dead.” 

“I am confident we will get a deal but it is also right we prepare for no deal,” the Conservative leader said. Johnson met  Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who is the leader of the separatist. Nicola had previously accused Johnson of secretly pursuing a no-deal Brexit that she said would be “catastrophic”.

“Behind all of the bluff and bluster, this is a government that is dangerous,” Sturgeon remarked. “This is a government that is pursuing a no-deal strategy, however much they may deny that,” she added.

However, the government has not declared any plans for Johnson to visit EU capitals. A spokeswoman said the PM will not visit until Brussels changes its stance. “He obviously wants to meet EU leaders and negotiate but not to be sat down and told that the EU cannot possibly reopen the withdrawal agreement,” the spokeswoman said.

On Monday, Britain’s pound lost more than one percent of its value against the dollar which was its lowest level since March 2017.

Britain’s new International Trade Secretary Liz Truss met US Ambassador Woody Johnson in London to discuss “fast-tracking” reaching a trade deal for when Britain leaves the EU.

“Negotiating and signing exciting new free trade agreements is my top priority — and none are more important than with the United States,” she said.

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