The grandson of Britain’s World War Two leader Winston Churchill, Nicholas Soames will be suspended from the Conservative Party after voting against Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Brexit. The move against the Conservative Party indicates one of the most unusual turns in the three-year Brexit crisis that has gripped a country once promoted pillar of Western economic and stability.

Nicholas Soames was among the 21 Conservative lawmakers who opposed, including Ken Clarke who the longest continuously sitting British lawmaker in the House of Commons and former finance minister Philip Hammond. All of them will be expelled.

Soames was asked if it was the conclusion of the Conservative Party to which he replied, “No. But it’s a bad night.” He also said that “It is a pity – a great pity – that this has in my view all been planned: this is exactly what they wanted and they will try to have a general election which is what they wanted.”

Johnson took the responsibility as prime minister six weeks ago and has been strict in his decision. The biggest removal of cabinet ministers in modern British history happened under his supervision. He firmly announced taking out Britain out of the EU without a deal. 

“I have been told by the chief whip, who is my friend and who I like very much, that it will be his sad duty to write to me tomorrow to tell me I have had the whip removed after 37 years as a Conservative member of parliament,” Soames said. 

That’s fortunes of war. I knew what I was doing,” he added. The 71-year-old Soames who was appointed by Queen Elizebath in 2014, has been a member of parliament since 1983 and earlier was a junior defense minister. 

Churchill played an important role in British culture as the champion of World War Two and by far the most powerful British statesman of the 20th Century – a ‘British bulldog’ who could hold his own with Josef Stalin and Harry Truman.

Boris Johnson has repeatedly admired Churchill and in 2014 published a biography called “The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History.” In the introduction, Johnson, then mayor of London, wrote: “When I was growing up there was no doubt about it. Churchill was quite the greatest statesman that Britain had ever produced.”

However, a close source to the group who have voted against the government said the voting of Tuesday is the first step in a process to avert an economically damaging no-deal Brexit. “No. 10 have responded by removing the whip from two former chancellors, a former lord chancellor, and Winston Churchill’s grandson,” the source said. “What has happened to the Conservative Party?” it expressed wonder. 

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