The European Commission has declined an invitation for the UK and EU to make a linked commitment to protect the citizen’s rights before a possible no-deal Brexit. Brussels canceled a proposal for a “mini-deal” on the issue to be engraved the withdrawal agreement of the UK Prime Minister Theresa May, despite a concordant House of Commons request for such a vouchsafe.

MPs supported demand  for Mrs. May to “seek at the earliest opportunity” a UK-EU  allegiance to embrace and implement those agreements on the civil rights which are within her Brexit deal, before the exit of the UK.

The Commons invited for this to happen “ whatever the outcome of negotiations” on other aspects of the UK Prime Minister’s Brexit deal, including in the event of no-deal departure.

The cross-party scheme, sanctioned unrivaled by MPs, was led by Conservative MP Alberto Costa, who saw his demand received by the government despite being compelled to give resignation as a parliamentary advisor for discussing the initiative in the first place.

However, the European Commission forced back against the demand. Representative Mina Andreeva told the reporters, “ The best way to protect the rights of these 4.5 million people concerned is through the withdrawal agreement.

“We will not negotiate mini-deals because negotiating such a mini-deal outside the withdrawal agreement would imply that the negotiations have failed.”

Ms. Andreeva highlighted how the commission “ has consistently made clear that the rights of EU citizens in the UK and UK nationals in the EU are our top priority”.

She added, “They should not pay the price for Brexit and the commission has called on member states to take a generous approach to the UK nationals who are already resident in their territory. ”

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