Against Anti-EU Propaganda Brexit Is A Vaccine - TNBC UK

The crooked proceeding of Brexit has performed as a “vaccine” against anti-EU sentiment across the continent, claimed by European Council President Donald Tusk on Tuesday.

He was disgracing after EU leaders met in Brussels for discussing the election results of the European Parliament, where nationalist and parties of the European Union made achievements but not as many as few concerned.

European Council President Donald Tusk told, “as Europeans see what Brexit means in practice, they also draw conclusions”. He also added, “ Brexit has been a vaccine against anti-EU propaganda and fake news. The vast majority voted for a more effective, stronger and united EU while rejecting those who want a weak Europe. This is a powerful sign.”

European Council President continued in reality, “ as people have become more pro-European, some major Eurosceptic parties have abandoned the anti-EU slogans and presented themselves as EU reformers. This is a positive development”.

According to him, “I have no doubt that one of the reasons why people on the continent voted for the pro-European majority is also Brexit. ”

UK Prime Minister Theresa May was among the EU leaders who assembled in Brussels for discussing the future leadership of the bloc, but Donald Tusk claimed Brexit has not conversed.

UK Prime Minister modified her colleagues on the resignation declaration last week, according to a British government source, but  European Council President persisted her appearance at the meeting was “ something very natural”.

He said, “ she’s still British prime minister and the UK is still a member of the EU”.The official contest for succeeding UK Prime Minister will not begin until next week but almost a dozen of her Conservative colleagues have already professed their interest, taking a strong stance on Brexit.

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