After Calling Prince Charles “Prince Of Whales”, Donald Trump Trolled In Social Media - TNBC UK

Unpredictable spelling habit of the US President Donald Trump is declaimed in Twitter posts while he wrote about the recent meeting with the “Prince of Whales”.

The probable person defined by Trump would be Charles, who is quoted by Prince of Whales. Last week the US President met him at the World War II commemoration day in Britain. The error triggered a wave of hilarity online, with one Twitter critics asking of the President has made the mistake “on porpoise”.

The US President, who is an enthusiastic user of social media and has few 61 million followers on Twitter, rapidly rectified the original tweet. But his new version did not alter another defective reference, this time to the “Queen of England”.

Elizabeth II, who anchored the US President at a state dinner in London, is actually the queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, of which England is only one part.

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