A European Parliament committee promoted Britons for getting right to travel to the European Union without visas after Brexit, following weeks of disagreement over the path the draft ratification tags Gibraltar a UK “ colony”.

As the EU devices for the Brexit, Spain – which waived Gibraltar to Britain after an 18th-century war – persisted that the UK region is stated that path in the draft law, which upset London.

EU member states were then not able to agree on a joint posture with the European Parliament for weeks as the lawmakers point man for the file, Briton Claude Moraes, prevented it over the use of the phrase “colony ”, while other capitals took the side of Madrid.

As Britain confronts the probability of an immediate split from the bloc as soon as next week, EU states pressurize on the parliament this week for approving the file, with the chamber’s lead eventually detaching Mores from his role in a rare move.

The so-called new parliamentary representative, Bulgarian EU legislator Sergei Stanishev spoke before the committee voted 38 to 8 in favor of the law, which still considers Gibraltar a UK “ colony”.

He said in response to the question of the committee to return the proposal. Some legislators told the ratification was ridiculous, charged the Spanish government of intolerance before national elections later this month, and protested about how the European Council assembles the member states razed the European Parliament on the issue. The decision must still be sanctioned by an unrestricted session of the EU parliament on the issue.

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