Autism is not only severe but also a complex condition which often demands a different kind of support from the surrounded world so that the individuals suffer in this disease feel life is not so tough. As per the research, around 25 percent of autistic children are affected by a few specific phobias which can have an instant draining effect on how the child survives in the social world.

These effect of phobias are not limited to the fear in classrooms, public transport, animals or balloons. One of the tracks of fighting with the effects of this kind of phobias is cognitive behavioral therapy, however, a characteristic of this therapy is based on the imagination, as well as insights portrayal. This postures a difficulty for providing the therapy as these are very specific through which autistic people cherishes their struggle.

To make a resolution of the problem, recent research experimented the effect of using the virtual reality-based therapy for treating phobias of the autistic children. The research was organized in the Blue Room, establishing an emerging VR experience which has been developed by specialists at Newcastle University, further working at the innovative technology firm Third Eye NeuroTech.


The research was sponsored by the National Institute for Health Research and is printed in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

For instituting the VR environment does not require a headset, departing from the children able to communicate with 360-degree environmental unimpaired.

Professor Jeremy Parr who led the research told, “For many children and their families, anxiety can rule their lives as they try to avoid the situations which can trigger their child’s fears or phobia ”

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