A senior official at Huawei in the United Kingdom has informed media that it was willing to go the “ extra mile” to encourage its technology poses without security threat. The Chinese telecom giant’s executive Jeremy Thompson was speaking as it aimed to be calm he security-related concerns over its technology by providing to suggesting to register “non-spying” agreements along with the UK government. The Prime Minister has come under fire since sources ensured last month that the National Security Council led by Theresa May, had supported the use of Huawei technology in “non-core” 5G network infrastructure.

That was in spite of a warning from the National Cyber Security Center and the US government that the company constituted a threat.

US President Donald Trump is assumed to sign an executive order later proscribing US companies from using its technology. While Huawei has always declined to involve spying, it has legal responsibility for cooperating with the intelligence of China. The company claims information has never been urged about its customers from the Chinese state and its founder has persisted he would rather close down Huawei than receive any request for collecting intelligence via its systems.

The issue of assurance in the firm involves the Chinese government has become a bigger issue for companies across China as the trade war of the country with the US escalations. Washington charges Beijing for stealing intellectual property and pushed transfers of technology. Mr. Thompson said Huawei identified the concern but claimed those nations, including Japan and the US, had rescinded Huawei tech from their 5G network integration calling it wrong.

He told Ian King Live “ If it helps, we will sign a no-spying agreement with the UK government. There are mechanisms already in place within the UK in fact, according to the NCSC, the most vigorous activity with Huawei globally, but if it requires us to sign a non-spying agreement we’d be very happy to do that”.

He also added, “ we’re in unusual times and the press is full of articles… about ‘Huawei is not a company that they want to do business with’ so we recognize we need to go the extra mile.”

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