Several Children are picked for grooming and the number of abuse in Instagram has reached more than tripled ratio with some of the victims as young as five years old. The statistics acquired by the NSPCC recommend there were 5,161 reports of sexual communications with a child recorded in just 18 months.

In this kind of incidents, most of the time the social media such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram were used on 70% cases.

Girls whose age between 12 to 15 were most supposed to be targeted, but harshly one in five victims were under the age of 11.

The Chief Executive of NSPCC, Peter Wanless, has charged social media firms of “ 0 years of failed self-regulation”.

He told, “These figures are overwhelming evidence that keeping children safe cannot be left to social networks. ”

The charity acquired freedom of information data from 39 of the 43 police forces in Wales and England.

The incidents recorded by the police shows the method used to contact a child, in Instagram was used by groomers 126 times between April and September 2017.

This increased to 428 for the same period in the last year.

The ratio came out amid growing the condemnation of how social network safeguard the children from using their children.

The government initiates a release of white paper about online harms, and the NSPCC hopes this will add laws to hoist the grooming.

Mr. Wanless alerted “We cannot wait for the next tragedy before tech companies are made to act. It is hugely concerning to see the sharp spike in grooming offenses on Instagram, and it is vital that the platform designs basic protection more carefully into the service it offers young people.”

One victim stated to NSPCC of she has been groomed by a 24-year-old man while she was just 13.

According to the girl they captured in a rapid way following some initial plotting to instigate her for sharing her photos, and meeting for sex after school. She also added, “He drove me somewhere quiet… and took me into the woods and had sex with me.

He drove me in the direction of the home straight afterward, refusing to even talk, and then kicked me out of the car at the traffic lights. I was bleeding and crying.”

A National Crime Agency spokesman expressed concern: “It is vital that online platforms used by children and young people have in place robust mechanisms and processes to prevent, identify and report sexual exploitation and abuse, including online grooming.

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