The researchers invented specific artificial intelligence algorithms for controlling the actions driven by the separatist division. The model software contains lots of agents for the representation of diverse races, religions and ethnicities. Slovakia and Norway are implementing the tech for controlling the agitations which can arise during the settlement of Muslim immigrants in the historically Christian countries.

The researchers of the Oxford University expect that their innovative systems can be helpful for the governments to respond to the incidents like the recent terror attacks in London. Hence, an independent expert claimed that the software needed to be more advanced before it could be used in real-life situations.

Professor Noel Sharkey said, “this could be an extremely useful research project when it reaches maturity as a thought tool for analysing factors involved in the religious conflict”.

The research author Justine Lane said,” to use AI to study religion or culture, we have to look at modelling human psychology because our psychology is the foundation for religion and culture.”

“The root causes of things like religious violence rest in how our minds process the information that our world presents”.

Mr Lane said, “religious violence is not our default behaviour – in fact, it is pretty rare in our history”.

“It is only when people’s core belief systems are challenged, or they feel that their commitment to their own beliefs is questioned that anxiety and agitations occur”.

He also added, “we might be able to trick our psychology into accepting others as part of our group when we would otherwise be triggered toward more primal fears”.

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