Potential Technology Can Track Illegal Phones In UK Prison - TNBC UK

The Justice Ministry of UK has begun to use a new “specialist mobile detection technology” for finding and then seize phones which are being used illegally by the prisoners. The technology is very potential for tackling the crucial problem of the mobile phone smuggling, which is directly generating violence and also an influential way of drug dealing inside the prisons. While the application can detect the presence of a cell phone inside the prison, the specific technology sends real-time alerts. For identifying the strength of the phone signal, a digital heat map is used and it gives the ability to the prison officers to address the specific location of the cell.

Any kind of emergency can be also monitored by the prison staff who has access to probe the data of specific periods. The technology ensures the potential analyzing of the intelligence for leading the arrests of any detection case.

After undergoing six-month-long trial in the prison the technology is accepted as a potential way to detect the presence of the phone and this specific technology rolls out more promising facilities. The tracking locations of where it is being used have not been made public.

The justice secretary of UK, David Gauke said in a statement, “as criminals look for new ways to smuggle contraband into prisons, it is vital that we stay one step ahead, and this kind of technology will help prevent them operating from their cells ”.

Gauke included, “this is vital to ensuring prisons are places of safety and rehabilitation, where offenders can turn their backs on crime for good.”

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