Microsoft has paused the October updates of its Windows 10 Operating System because some users found that their documents have disappeared, which was installed.

Over its support page, Microsoft has asked its affected users to use their devices as less as possible and to contact their local customer support.

Microsoft also asked its users to have downloaded the updates manually despite installation. The firm reports that the cases registered were isolated.

In a statement, the firm stated that “Microsoft has paused the roll-out of the update while we continue to investigate reports from some customers.”

Issue related to trust

On the forum of Microsoft’s official website, Stuart Dole wrote: “Last night I updated to 1809, and it all went smoothly, but then I find that all my files in Documents are deleted. Gone.  Poof. This included many crucial documents and financial info.”

At the post, there were over 470 users who have the same question to the firm, while some users mentioned other trust related issues as well.

CCS Insight’s Analyst Nick McQuire told the source that this might hamper people’s trust in Microsoft.

He continued that “Microsoft wants to encourage people to update quite often.”

Analyst McQuire stated, “They have the facility to push down updates quickly, but this goes to show there is going to be continued resistance from users to download the latest and greatest update if they can’t ensure their quality control.”

“They need to build trust with the community,” he added.

Head of Windows Insider Programme Dona Sarkar said that staffs “have the tools to get you back to a good state.”

One Canadian user of Windows 10 reports that she was advised to take her device to shop for servicing.

CCS Insight’s Analyst Nick McQuire |

When source used online Chatbot of Microsoft to try to seek support with the problem it was directed to a forum related to Windows 10 issue from December 2015.

However, the phone connections in the United Kingdom did not appear to have relevant automated menu options.


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