Nokia Alerts UK For Using 5G Kit Of Huawei - TNBC UK

One of the biggest rivals of Huawei, Nokia has said the UK should be cautious about the using of Chinese firm’s equipment. The Finnish company claimed Huawei telecoms kit has so many vulnerable features, which can risk 5G networks.

Sweden’s Ericsson, as well as Nokia, are contending with Huawei to sell next-generation telecoms equipment. Huawei is experienced as leading the race in many markets, but the US is forcing allies, including the UK, to prevent the firm over security concerns.

Chief technology of Nokia officer Marcus Weldon said the pressure from the US was distributing as a responsive balance to the illegal financial advantages that Huawei had gotten as a facility in the past. He told in media, “ it’s fairness returning to the market”.

He also added, “ we were disadvantaged in the past relative to the practices that the Chinese were allowed to have in terms of funding mechanisms.” Huawei has declined that its equipment poses a security risk. A representative said, “ these comments are misleading”.

He also added, “ we believe secure, resilient networks can only be delivered by collaboration across the whole industry, working to common standards on privacy protection and cyber-security, so that all participants can be judged equally”.

He claimed of having an authenticated track record of delivering safe, trustworthy, secure and high-quality products for every major telecoms operator in Europe. Cyber-security always remains a top priority for Huawei, and here, in the UK, we are subject to the most crucial oversight compared to any competitors in our sector.

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