Microsoft never uses customers’ data to earn profit, claims CEO Satya Nadella - TNBC UK

In an outward taunt against rivals Facebook and Google, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella claims that the company does not use leak any personal data of customers for earning a profit, unlike some other popular firms.

On Monday, while addressing at an interview CEO Nadella said that Microsoft “had chosen not to squeeze the last drop of revenue from the troves of user data on its Bing search engine and the LinkedIn social network, which it bought in 2016.”

Microsoft has purchased LinkedIn for $26 billion, which has more than 560 million users and Bing is ranked at the third position as search engine across the world.

Mr. Nadella continued, “We don’t want to over monetise. If anything, one of the things we’ve done is to is to make sure that the utility is maximized for the users.”

He further comments that “draw a sharp divide between Microsoft and other large American technology companies, which have been criticized for abusing the personal information of their users.”

Last week, at Microsoft event in London, the CEO of Microsoft called on technology companies to protect user’s privacy as human rights, urges the government and private firms to work together to shield the most vulnerable sections of the society.

He also applauded the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of the European Union as it is the first step toward securing data privacy.

In a statement, Mr. Nadella said that “all of us will have to think about the digital experiences we create to treat privacy as a human right.”

“GDPR as a piece of legislation, a piece of regulation is a great start and we’ve done a lot of hard work to become compliant with GDPR,” added Mr. Nadella.

Amid at increasing the data breaches, tech giants are engaged in deliberating on how to ensure security and privacy for the users.

Referring to activities in May, the Microsoft CEO said that “customers must be in control of their data. It is our collective responsibility to keep the data safe.”

“We have the responsibility to ensure that the new-age technology is empowering everyone, creating equitable growth for all while creating employment on the global scale,” added Mr. Nadella.

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