Google To Induce Android Users To Choose Preferred Browsers over EU Concerns - TNBC UK

Alphabet’s Google will induce the Android users to select their favored browsers and searching apps, claimed by a senior executive of Google, as the company attempts to relieve the concerns of EU antitrust and concealed the fresh sanctions.

In the last year, the European Commission provided Google a record of 4.34 billion euro as the charge for using the market flow of its mobile software configuration to prevent the rivals in areas such as internet browsing.

By pre-installing the Chrome browser and Google searching app on Android devices, Google has owned an unfair advantage against its rivals.

Google will now attempt to ensure that Android users are conscious of browsers and search engines other than its own services, claimed in a blog by a senior vice-president of the international affairs.

He wrote without providing any details, “ In the coming months, via the Play Store, we’ll start asking users of existing and new Android devices in Europe which browser and search apps they would like to use”.

The company which commenced a licensing fee for device manufacturers for accessing its app in the marketplace after the EU sanction does not decide to a snippet the charge.

Google could be charged almost 5 percent of the average worldwide turnover of Alphabet if it fails to observe the EU order for stopping anti-competitive practices.

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