The trading sector in both forex and cryptocurrencies is going to be facilitated with a consumer-friendly, currency dealing app through which the business companies will get a smarter, simpler dealing methodology as per the information from Finatext UK which introduced Pipster for providing an innovative and responsible way of currency trading.

Both from the Android App store and Apple, Pipster can be downloaded along with most useful features empowered by Robots Intelligence which is sentiment analysis technology of Finatext. Particularly, the Bitcoin Social Sentiment Indicator monitors the social media posts in near-real time.

The intuition provided by the tool claims to give Pipster users signals of while may be a good moment to both buy or sell, increasing returns by permitting profits to be made in both rising and falling markets.

Pipster is also featured with a virtual ‘Pioneer’ mode which enables the user to execute trading through the familiarization of themselves with the markets and developing their risk-free strategy using virtual funds before trading any real money. The final text claims Pipstar has the ability to go above and beyond new regulations which restrict gripping and the trade values, permitting even lower entry and trade sizes for the new inventors. This assists the new users to trade without having to fund large values at high risks. Entire pricing clarity is also a significant element of the pledge of Pipster.

Through tutorial contents and application videos, alongside user forums, will give the ability to discuss the blueprints and trends on a denotation basis, commencing what traditionally has been a very closed community. It is expected that this open forum will boost healthy discussions and favored networks between traders, easing the errors and common pitfalls which many conventional investors and market observers can suffer from.

CEO of Finatext UK, Rob Brockington told: “With Pipster and our unique Robota Intelligence SSI, Find text UK, backed by Finatext Japan, believes that the trading industry stands to be changed for the better by creating a more inclusive and integrated crypto and forex market ”.




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