Chernobyl's Red Forest, Radioactive Location Of Earth Detected By UK Drones - TNBC UK

One of the most radioactive locations on Earth is “Red Forest” of Chernobyl has just been researched by the Uk scientists using a suite of drones.

Flitting the robotic aircraft, Ukrainian authorities gave more updates through novel sensors and revealed the information on the sites along with the extreme level of contamination. The distance between the Chernobyl nuclear complex and the Red Forest is just 500m.

It was hit by the urgent dropping from the 1986 explosion and inflame the number 4 reactor of the plants.

So many trees of the forests died and turned color orange. Some regions are still exactly out of bounds to the humans.

The National Center for Nuclear Robotics of UK has developed a potential system based on drone-mapping which allows the scientists to probe hazardous places from a safe distance.

Rooted wing craft is used firstly for making a general radiation map by flying at about 40mph just above the treetops, in a grid design.

Places of interest are then followed up with rotary-wing drones. These can fly using their sensors for getting 3D dimensional high-resolution based information. The survey has been conducted essentially in April, confirming the current understanding of the radiation distribution in the forest, but in far greater detail than being available previously.

One of these, a few km to the South of the forest, revolved to be an old soil separation unit used during the original clean-up efforts.

Bristol University professor, Tom Scott, as well as co-director of the NCNR, told, “ they were trying to separate out the contamination and thereby reduce the volume of the waste”.

He also added, “ the legacy left at that facility is essentially spent nuclear fuel scattered on the floor, which was giving a very high radiation dose. About 1.2 millisieverts an hour. That would mean I’d be able to hit my yearly dose within just a few hours.”

The NCNR  team decides to return to Ukraine in the coming months to survey the additional regions in the Exclusion Zone of Chernobyl, which is allowing more and more people for entering over time.

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