Tech agency Studio Graphene has introduced Build My App 2019, presenting to make a not-for-profit app – totally free of charge – to the winner of its contention. The London-based enterprise is inviting people to present their not-for-profit app concept which will hand over urgent and positive change for good. Considering the applications based well thinking, simple as well as a potent proposition, one concept will be selected by Studio Graphene to make the app for free.

Entries for Build My App 2019 are unbolted until this Friday and Studio Graphene is inviting for submissions from the general individuals, startups, innovation teams, entrepreneurs, as well as larger organizations. The winning concept will be declared on 5th of April. Studio graphene is inspiring applicants to think something out of the box by pondering how existing technology can be used in the latest innovative ways for boosting a function which will have a strong, immediate and positive impact on a crucial social issue.

Build My App competition last year, received more than 50 entries. The winner’s name was the Charity Signaling, which scopes people to take the snap of an object and then know about the sign language for the item.

Studio Graphene proceeds the Build My App campaign for presenting how organizations can get the facility of the emerging power of technology to develop the track they engage with extensive society in a cost-effective manner. The company accepts that reasonably priced and approachable digital solutions can assist organizations to become more maintainable in the long-term.

The founder and director of Studio Graphene, Ritam Gandhi told, “Tech is undoubtedly a force for good, enabling people to do things that were previously thought impossible. But we’re yet to see the full benefits that can be offered from tech in addressing social issues ”.

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