In the field of mobile connectivity, UK concerns about its ranks as a world leader due to the warning of the UK operators. In a draft letter to Mark Sedwill, operators will request the government to define its position over the issues of Huawei blacklisting.

The letter invites for an urgent meeting between the leaders and the government for discussing their worries.

Operators claim that they can not invest in the infrastructure while the uncertainty over the use of Chinese technology insists. The companies are scheduling to send a letter to the government as possible this week.

They are tensed at the inability of the government for deciding whether Huawei technology will be approved for use in the latest 5G networks.

The government representative said, “ The security and resilience of the UK’s telecoms networks are of paramount importance. We have robust procedures in place to manage risks to national security and are committed to the highest possible security standards.

“The Telecoms Supply Chain Review will be announced in due course. We have been clear throughout the process that all network operators will need to comply with the government’s decision. ”

Huawei is the renowned supplier of the world, who manufactures potent next-generation communicational equipment, but it has confronted a reprisal from the United States.

The US government has rescinded already the use of Huawei technology after mentioning concerns that the company may represent a safety threat by permitting the Chinese government a way to explore the critical infrastructure.

The US has also alarmed for limiting the intelligence cooperation with any country which allows Huawei equipment to be used in its own networks.

Earlier this year there were uncertain reports that the government was pondering to allow Huawei equipment into the edge of new mobile networks, but not into the “core” of systems which could end the managing major services such as hospitals, police forces, and the energy network.

BT-owned mobile operator EE claimed it had detained the initiation of the 5G phones of Huawei and said, “ until we get the information and confidence and the long-term security that our customers … are going to be supported.

Vodafone has also declared that it is Huawei 5G handsets.

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