The cyber-security agency of Britain has alerted that Britain must consider the latent “opportunities and threats” of using Chinese technology. In a rare speech, GCHQ director Jeremy Fleming highlighted the requirement for better cyber-security implementation in the telecom industry.

He said, “ It’s a hugely complex strategic challenge”. The US is pressurizing its allies for not using the potential technology of Chinese firm Huawei for introducing 5G networks. The British officials are concerned that China can implement any spying technology in their Huawei products in other countries.

Several mobile companies of UK – Vodafone, EE and Three- have been working Huawei on 5G, but they are expecting the results of a government review, due in March or April which will finalize whether they will be allocated to further move.

In December, MI6 Chief Alex Younger raised the questions over the Chinese role in the UK tech sector, while a current report from the Royal United Services Institute told it would be “naive” and “irresponsible” to permit Huawei access.

However, the National Cyber Security Center which is a part of GCHQ told in the last week told any endangered posed by the company could be managed. In his addressing, at an event in Singapore, Mr. Fleming highlighted that the government was worried about stabilizing the supply chain and confirming that there were differentiations in the supplier market of telecommunications equipment.

He said, “ We have to understand the opportunities and threats from China’s technological offer – understand the global nature of supply chains and service provision, irrespective of the flag of the supplier”.  He also added, “Take a clear view on the implications of China’s technological acquisition strategy in the West, and help our governments decide which parts of this expansion can be embraced, which need risk management, and which will always need a sovereign, or allied, solution ”.

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