The £9m project of the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth was awaited to become home to 160,000 recordings from programme archive of BBC Wales. The IK Cultural Minister Lord Elis-Thomas has informed the library that he will not be able to commit £1m  to the plannings according to their recent form.

The politicians of the opposition party called this move as “outrageous” and said it was “disappointed”. But the Government of the Welsh told the plan may push the library to the long periodic risk.

Plaid Cymru  Am Dr Dai Lloyd informed Wales confronted the “loss and destruction of an irreplaceable archive” and told the actions of Lord Elis Thomas were “completely unacceptable”.

Dr Lloyd added, “He is foregoing his responsibilities as a minister and putting the entire project at risk”.

BBC of Wales has said it is “disappointed” the project will not run according to its plan, as it would have witnessed ample broadcasting history “gifted to the National Library of Wales for everyone to explore and enjoy”.

The project would allocate the BBC Wales records to be maintained while the broadcaster leaves its headquarters in Cardiff, while the individuals would get the accessibility in digital format the special observation centres in Aberystwyth, in Cardiff, Wrexham and Carmarthen.

There would be many activities and regular events linked to the archive at the National Library in Aberystwyth including the three viewing centres.

Library President, Rhodri Glyn Thomas said, “ Based on the project plan and its financial estimates, I remain unwilling to commit either the £1m capital funding that has been requested or to provide strategic support for the National Broadcast Archive in its current form”.

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