Audit Office Criticized On The Cyber Security Efforts of UK - TNBC UK

The government has been informed there are “failings” in the path it was plotting to safeguard the critical infrastructure of the UK from cyber-attacks. The warning is a part of a National Audit Office(NAO) assessment of the national cyber-defense plan of UK. The government is progressively concerned that these essential sectors will be aimed by the foreign states attempting to interrupt UK life.

One expert told Modern life was “totally dependent” on the cyber-security. The National Cyber Security Programme of the Cabinet Office is considered to be sponsored until 2021 and has involved the establishment of the National Cyber Security Center. The government-led  strategy for keeping the UK safe in grip of the persistent cyber-attacks involves 12 “ strategic results” which cover such thing as:

  • defending against evolving cyber-attacks
  • managing and responding effectively
  • securing government networks
  • developing cyber-skills in the UK

The NAO told that dispatching the strategy was a “complex challenge” and included that the government was unknown where it should be focussed all the efforts to “ make the biggest impact or address the greatest need”. The section pointed with red in the report was the part of plotting to safeguard power plants and hospitals. This meant that less than 80% of its projects to secure power plants and hospitals. These key aims were being “actively safeguarded”, claimed in the report, but included that it was hard to gauge how effective this venture had been as methods to estimate success was still being developed.

The government itself had “low confidence” in the assembled evidence for half of its strategic plans, as per the report. Though it remarked that this was a development on the “very low confidence” expressed in the last year about a similar topic.

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