Nathan De Asha, the international bodybuilder was heavily criticized by a judge and was called a “disgrace to the sport” for allegedly selling steroids to gym users. The Liverpool bodybuilder admitted supplying £10,000-worth of the drugs to the Pain and Gain gym in Barnstaple, Devon, over three months in 2017.

Exeter Crown Court gave him a 12-month suspended jail sentence. Earlier this gym owner Richard Green was given imprisonment for four and a half years for drug dealing. The 33-year-old, DeAsha was forced to pull out of the Mr. Olympia event in Las Vegas so he could attend the court.

In May 2017, the court heard he gave training seminar to 250 customers at the gym during which he discussed his use of steroids which he then supplied to gym users. While investigating, Police discovered drugs in a locked boiler room with DeAsha’s fingerprint on and his gym in Liverpool as the return address. 

De Asha is one of Britain’s top bodybuilders and the current British Grand Prix champion.

Judge David Evans told him: “As a regular competitor on the national and international stage, who has done well in bodybuilding, you are a disgrace to the sport and it is doubly sad, given how well you have done to overcome past behavior and adversity.”

“What makes your behavior more disappointing is that you project yourself as an ambassador for the sport to children,” the judge continued.

“I hope you can make good the damage which you have done to your own reputation and to the sport,” he added.

Julian Nutter defended DeAsha and said that he had been jailed when he was younger but had used his bodybuilding skills to turn his life around. He said that De Asha will be facing serious punishment because of his conviction he will not be able to travel to the United States to compete further.

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