The investigation for a Premier League footballer and a pilot whose plane disappeared over the English Channel recommenced. 28 years old Argentina striker Emiliano Sala from Cardiff City and pilot David Ibbotson were on the aircraft which vanished from radar. The rescue team made the decision for continuing the search after a meeting on Thursday and aim on the coastal area. Guernsey Police informed that they did not get any trace of the plane. The rescue force told tweeting on Thursday morning, “We are commencing a coastal search using the Channel Islands Air Search plane of Burhou, the Casquets, Alderney, the north coast of the Cherbourg Peninsula, north coast of Jersey and then back over Sark. ”.

Police will take a decision on whether to continue the investigation “ once all assets have completed this morning’s search pattern ”. The harbormaster Captain of Guernsey, David Barker acknowledged the chances of searching either man alive had “ faded to almost zero”.

He added, “As the Channel Islands air searcher said, the survival times for someone in the water is very low, we estimated that at around three hours, the time of survival in a life raft would be longer.No-one could be more concerned for these two men’s safety than me… You can be sure that my focus is still on trying to deal with any hope of survival”.

The investigation was postponed on Wednesday night after a second full day of looking for and Channel Islands Air Search Chief officer John Fitzgerald said “ even the fittest person” would only detain for a couple of hours in the water. Football agent Mark McKay has ensured that he was linked in the travel arrangements for Sale.

Chief officer John Fitzgerald told the news agency, “I can confirm that when Emiliano made myself and his agent Meissa N’Diaye aware that he wished to travel back to Nantes following his medical and signing on Friday, I began to look into arranging a private flight to take him to Nantes on Saturday morning.

He added, “ I have been in contact with officials from Cardiff and the player’s agent over these difficult past few days and will continue to do so.”


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