After being assaulted in Cardiff,  the Former Rugby Captain of Wales Gareth Thomas has opened mouth about being the victim of a despised crime. The 44 years old former Rugby Captain who was known as a gay in 2009, appeared mauled in a Twitter video, claiming he was aimed for his sexuality. Officers treated with a 16 years old boy in the way of therapeutic justice pursuing the request of Thomas. The former Rugby captain said it has been felt that this was the appropriate way for his attackers to know. Apparently, trembled Thomas from Bridgend claimed in a video what actually happened and also thanked the people and police of Cardiff for getting help from them on Saturday night.

He said, “I was the victim in my home city of a hate crime for my sexuality. There are an awful lot of people out there who want to hurt us, but unfortunately for them, there is a lot more who want to help us heal so this I hope will be a positive message.”

A hate crime has been defined as a crime which is motivated by religion, sexual orientation, disability, transgender identity and the hostility on the grounds of race.

Thomas was a capable player of full-back and wing, served his captaincy in the national side, Irish Lions and British, as well as winning 100 caps for Wales. His video met with hundreds supporting messages from the people.

The Former Goalkeeper of Wales Neville Southall tweeted: “Sorry it happened mate but there are thousands who support you. Love that you concentrate on the positives. Keep being a role model. Top guy.”

Gareth Thomas Give Open Statement About Being Victim of A Hate Crime1|


Olympian medalist, Katharine Merry wrote: ”So sorry to hear this Gareth…. but yes you are right .. there are a lot more than support than hate .. much love x”.

The Sports presenter of BBC Gabby Logan tweeted, “Loads of love big man xx”.




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