Two mistakes made by Loris Karius, the German goalkeeper of Liverpool proved to be fatal for his team in the Champions League final. They lost the match against Real Madrid and the Spanish football club pulverized them with a 3-1 win in the match. After t1his Karius started to receive death threats on social; media according to club authrorites. The German had already apologized to the fans with tears in his eyes for his mistakes but despite that angry fans were not ready to spare him. They started to send abusive comments and offensive remarks against him on social media. Some of them also gave death threats to him on social media according to Merseyside police authoriies They told the media that they were not going ro take the issue lightly and the offenders would be punished after a thorough investigation. They assured the club authorities that the attempts to spread death threats and all sorts of malicious campaigns against Karius would be totally stopped The 24-year-old German made it easier for the Real striker Karim Benzema to score an easy first goal for the opener in Kiev Saturday night.

Karius later missed a shot of Gareth Bale that entered straight t into the net and Real finally won their third consecutive Champions League trophy Soon after this Karius appealed to the fans to pardon him on social media: but despite this, he had to face humiliations. However, his colleague another Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet came to his rescue and said that Karius would bounce back from his Champions League nightmare. He also added that he had to face this sort of situation in the past .”

Liverpool’s goalkeeping coach John Achterberg also gave solace to Karius after the match. Liverpool. Defender Dejan Lovren said it would be unethical to blame Karius solely for the loss and none of them could shrug off their responsibility. as they were re in the same ship together and everyone tried to give their hundred percent despite of this the team lost the match. He also added that Karius would soon come back in the game with a bang.

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