On Saturday, June 16, 2018- In Fisht Stadium of Sochi Russia, Portuguese Hero, Cristiano Ronaldo won his sixth hat-trick for the national team and the 51st career treble as Portugal held an all-out attacking Spain 3-3 in the Group B clash. Ronaldo being aged 33 now, still got an unbelievable physical condition and the reigning Ballon d’Or winner. He can easily perform on the field as long as he wants, but it is hard to expect him again returning for a fifth World Cup in Qatar in 2022. Moreover, after the first-half, Nacho led the team Spain but the free-kick given away to Portugal provided that an unexpected advantage.

Highlights of 2018 FIFA World Cup match between Portugal and Spain straight from Fisht Stadium Sochi, Russia

22:00 IST: “Hello and welcome to the live commentary from the marquee fixture of Group B between European Champions Portugal and 2010 World Champions Spain”, roared around the whole stadium.

23:22 IST: The flag of both the team have been unveiled! Portugal flag led by Cristiano Ronaldo, Spain flag led by Sergio Ramos.

23:25 IST: National Anthems! of both countries played, first followed by the Spanish country.

23:28 IST: Ronaldo, Ramos exchange their team sheets.

23:30 IST: KICK-OFF! Diego Costa for Spain initiates the proceedings kicking the ball right to left in the World Cup classic at Sochi.


23:32 IST: 3′ – first PENALTY for Portugal, brought down by Ronaldo on the edge of the box by Nacho.

23:34 IST: 4′ – the first GOAL! Of Portugal by Ronaldo, filled an enthusiasm beneath the supporters.

23:39 IST: 9′ – SKIED! David Silva was in space inside the box but he takes a heavy touch to sky the ball high and over out of the reach of Rui Patricio.

23:42 IST: ‘CORNER FOR SPAIN! Poorly taken, no way through for Iniesta’, Pepe clears it off. 


23:53 IST: 24′ – GOAL! Diego Costa fires it past Rui Patricio in the near corner in favor of the Spaniards.

23:57 IST: 27′ – FREE KICK for SPAIN! 


00:04 IST: 34′ – CHANCE FOR SPAIN! Unmarked inside the box, Iniesta kicked from short but the ball drifts off.

00:08 IST: 38′ – CORNER FOR SPAIN! 

00:14 IST: 44′ –  A GOAL! In the hands of Ronaldo puts Portugal team back in the lead,

00:32 IST: Second-half begins

00:46 IST’ 58′ – GOAL! marked by Nacho scores from outside the box. Spain leads 3-2. 

01:04 IST: 76′ – Brace scorer Diego Costa has been replaced by Iago Aspas.

01:13 IST: 86′ – GOAL! By Ronaldo, winning the heart of his supporters.

01:21 IST: 90+4′ – with the FINAL WHISTLE! The game comes to an end.

Ronaldo won the hat-trick as Portugal and Spain share (3-3) in the Group B contest.

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