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At a Council meeting later, A nightclub where a rugby league player was assaulted could have its license suspended. Manchester’s Factory 251 Bouncers were sacked after Joe Sharratt, 18, was attacked outside the club.

A spokesman said “ Manchester City Council’s licensing committee will explore all options after Greater Manchester Police (GMP) requested a review.

The GMP in a report to the council said that the club’s lack of duty of care meant a suspension should be considered.

The footage that showed that Mr. Sharrat being thrown to the ground before door staff repeatedly punched his friend.

The St Helens academy player remains in Salford Royal Hospital and suffered a serious injury.

Factory 251 attack could see club's licence suspended |

Joe Sharratt had played for Lancashire Academy on Saturday before going to the club

The Rugby League Club Spokesperson said “  he would stay in the hospital for the next couple of days but was sat up in bed and recovering well”

After the attack, no arrests have been made.

According to the police report, it was abundantly clear there was a huge lack of duty of care from the premises over what happened.

It said from the club nobody contacted police to inform them the incident was taking place from the premises over what happend. Nobody from the club contacted police to inform them the incident was taking place or phoned for an abulance.

It said that while adding that the lack iif contact was exremely concerning, that it suggested either was a woorrying level of incomplete at best or more seriously, a possible attempt ro cover up the incident.

Rabnawaz Akbar the licensing committe member said that the attack had been nothing short of sickening. He added “ The licensing committee has a wide range of power and sanctions it can utilise…. Including the temporary or permanent revocation of a venue’s licence. Any action the council will take precede a fulll review, which will take place within 28 working days”

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