After Winning Premier League Title, Manchester City Return To Heroes For Welcome - TNBC UK

The players of Manchester City received a welcome like heroes at the Etihad Stadium after a second Premier  League. The captain of the club Vincent Kompany kissed the trophy as his teammates presented on the stage in front inspiriting supporters on Sunday night. The sky lit with the explosion of the fireworks, above the stadium after the Manchester City won the Premier  League along with 98 points – just one greater than second-place Liverpool.

Manchester City was garlanded Premier League champions after, massive Brighton in a 4-1 away victory.

Their close rivals Liverpool also won the final league match, thrashing wolves 2-0 at home field. After the game, City captain Vincent Kompany said, “ I’m so happy for myself but for the team and the fans too, it’s wonderful. We were magnificent, we did everything we needed to do… we’ve got an incredible desire to overachieve and now we’re looking forward to the FA Cup final”.

He also added, “I’m so proud of the guys. ” The Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola wished congratulations, Liverpool, as well, because they assisted us to push develop their standards.

According to him, “it’s been an incredible season for us. I think Manchester City has made the standard higher and Liverpool has helped us keep it there. It was an anxious beginning to the afternoon for the fans of Sky Blues as Sadio Mane of Liverpool put the reds before 17 minutes into their match. Ten minutes later Glen Murray pushes the ball in the back of the net of  Manchester City. There was an instant reply from the team of Guardiola along with rapid-fire support of goals. Sergio Aguero nutmegged the Brighton keeper, then the Manchester City repeated their tally along with a header from Aymeric Laporte.

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